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Mixed Media Classes by Marti Wills

Have you heard all the hype and excitement surrounding Mixed Media lately? But what is it exactly? Believe it or not most of you have probably already been doing it without even realizing it! Tim Holtz - THAT'S mixed media. All it really means is that more than one artist medium has been used in a project - so if you stamp, color with pencils/markers, accent with stickles and throw in some embossing powder or make fabric/clay/felt embellishments you have a mixed media piece! But it can also be so much more! Many of you probably also have some pre-conceived notions of what a mixed media piece looks like - again the Tim Holtz style for starters. For a long time I thought all mixed media was sort of dark, creepy and just plain weird. NOT SO MUCH! I like CUTE, adorable whimsical and fun mixed media - think Suzi Blu or Julie Nutting.
Now in order to DO mixed media you need to know how to use all the different types of mediums available to you. I won't attempt to cover them ALL but there are some basics that you will want to know and use - that's what we will cover here.
*In the Basics Class we are going to delve into fun easy ways to use inks, several types of paints, liquid and gel mediums, gesso, work with collage and create layers and textures. We will also talk about Color Theory and color choices. This is a TECHNIQUE based class - no finished projects (though you can certainly use what we do in class for other projects.)
Then add on one or more of the Mixed Media Special Project classes:
- Mixed Media Project Class (scrappers/cardmakers) is for stampers/cardmakers/paper crafters
-Art Journaling with Mixed Media will jump into using Mixed Media in your art journaling
-Off the Page Mixed Media will introduce you to using Mixed Media elements in fun, different & exciting ways!

Classes will consist of an interactive class document that includes written instruction, pictures and video tutorials all embedded into one document to make class navigation easy.  Registration to Class entitles you to 1 year's access to that classroom!



Mixed Media Basics Class - Price $40  (Class is up & running)


Mixed Media Project Class (for cardmakers/scrappers) - Price $20 (up now)


Art Journaling with Mixed Media - Price $20 (up now)



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