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Many Mini Books

Many Mini Books

by Tina Gilliland

Do you like to create but have a need to see quick results?? 

Do you like to scrapbook and/or journal but hate seeing a big 25 page 12 X 12 book in front of you and not knowing where to begin??? 

Do you feel you’ll NEVER get ANYTHING documented and scrapped? 


Well... then why not start small??  Many Mini Books will give you the ideas, samples and steps to start scrapping those moments that you want to keep forever and get it done FAST!!!  You don’t have to start from the date of birth... the wedding day... or your very first picture you ever took.  Start anywhere... grab an occasion and make a book!  Once you’ve started, you can grab any event, any year, an vacation... just start and keep it small!


Tina Gilliland will show you SIX different types of mini books made from different materials that will help you keep those special moments documented and together.

No more waiting for months and months of working at a huge scrapbook to see results.    Each book should be finished in three days or less, depending on how much time you want to work on them or how many pages you want them to be.  Most can be done in a day!!  Remember, small is the key!!  Grab your photos a pen and a small amount of supplies to get going on your memories.  Before you know it you’ll have documented so much in a very small amount of time!!

<coming Nov 25th>



Instructor: Tina Gilliland  <her blog>

Price:  TBD

Supply List:  TBA

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