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These are rules that apply to any and all CMC Classrooms and sites!  Please respect these rules as a member of CMC or you will be asked to leave the site ok.

-Be respectful of others and their work, this site is for friendly feedback, learning and friendship

-do not use or post work that is not yours (per the rules below)

-have fun, make friends and enjoy the site!!


**See bottom for some How-To Links to create Watermarks in different formats **


I have been made aware of some certain practices being used by people on Pinterest and other websites this evening that made me sad for you all, the site & the stamp/digi artists.  There have been some people that are copying your work loaded in our online gallery (and other online galleries out on the web so beware there as well) and posting it on Pinterest as printable/downloadable works for all to use.  First this violates the artist's terms of use for the image and violates YOU as the artist creating the final images.  So please read below and make sure you follow these rules from now on when posting your work on the gallery, this way your work doesn't get used and those that create the stamps/digis don't lose anything either.  If we all follow these rules from here on out there will be no issues that we need to worry about ok? 

Posting Work or Projects on ANY Online Gallery (here at CMC and any other gallery on the web):

-You can post any of your finished projects in their entirety in the galleries...that means cards, other paper projects, scrapbook pages and the like are allowed.  It is when its just the image that is the problem ok!  But make sure you watermark your finished projects as well, its not required but it marks it so that its known that its your's if anyone tries to use the whole project. And for those of us that have blogs this is an issue too..I've had whole cards stolen (copied from my blog) and submitted for magazines and contests quite a few times in the past 1.5 years so it does happen sadly.

-If you have colored just the image and want to post it MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WATERMARK ACROSS THE IMAGE so it is not usable or printable for anyone else.  If you don't have a watermark just use the ADD TEXT feature in your Word Processing or Photo Editing software and create a text phrase of your name in a soft color to put across the picture in some place. (email me for help or Google is a great way to figure out how to add text or watermarks to your photos)

-AND/OR if you just color the image, crop the picture in a way so it shows just the part of the image that you colored or want comments on (ex. if you are in the hair class, post a cropped picture of the head of hair...not the full image)

-If you have uploaded work for homework for any of the classes you can do any of the above if you are using just the single image OR send me the picture by email instead so I can check it without it being made public on the gallery. If you upload after this note and want to add a watermark, do NOT worry that I won't be able to see your coloring...I can easily zoom in and look beyond a watermark to comment--that doesn't affect me in any way.

-for those that have single images that are colored on the CMC Gallery and they are posted so that the whole image is viewable (so the image is by itself, not on a project)...please delete them at some point this week for me when you can.  I will go thru them all by Friday and if I see any that might cause issues I will comment on it and email you to let you know I may have to delete it.  If it is homework I will make sure to give you feedback/comments FIRST so you don't miss out on that, so no worries there.  DO NOT FEEL BAD OR GUILTY if you have any of these single images loaded...that is NOT my intention...both you and I did not know that this was going on. I'm only attempting to fix what is in our control so this does not happen to anyone!


-DO NOT PIN anyone's work here at CMC on Pinterest unless you have first asked the artist/crafter please!  And/Or if you pin a project make sure you add the credit of the artist's name and/or website so they get credit for it.

-You MAY ONLY pin whole projects on Pinterest...NOT images by themselves, colored or uncolored ok

It is not my intention to limit what you can do on the CMC Classroom as far as art, but we all have to abide by certain rules posted by any stamp/digi artist.  We want these companies to stay in business so they can continue to create images for us.  AND I do not want ANYONE stealing YOUR work and using it as their own or selling it...that is terrible and not my wish for any of you.  Its very sad that in this techno age that we have to worry about these things or that people even do my goal is to protect you in the process and make you aware.  DO NOT FEEL BAD if you have uploaded images that violate the terms above or innocently pinned some work from the gallery...MOST OF YOU did NOT know about this NOR DID I!  If I had any idea something like this would be done I would have alerted everyone before this but with more and more images on the web, more art on the web and sites like Pinterest it makes it easier for folks to do things that aren't legal. 

But from here on out I will be making sure that no one does this on my site to protect your work and the stamp/digi artist's work and I hope you will work with me to prevent this as well.  These are simple and easy things to do when you upload your pictures...they don't take a lot of extra time to do and in the end everyone is protected from those that wish to be fraudulent.  If you see work being used in an illegal way please let the artist, the owner of the project/craft and website know as well.

If you have any questions you can always email me, I'd be glad to answer or help in any way! 

thanks so much,

Suzanne J Dean

CMC owner & fellow crafter




How To Create Watermarks Links:


For MS Word Here


For Photoshop Elements Here

For Paint Here

VK Design Company


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