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Hiya Friends! You may or may not be familiar with me and my Copic work, but I have been using Copics for almost 3 years now and use them daily--I love them and recommend them to everyone. There is a broad learning curve that comes with using them and my classes are meant to bridge that and teach you to love and use your Copics! You can access MY PAGE HERE to see links to my blog, publication resume, design team resume and other works by me.

YOU CAN TAKE THESE CLASSES ANYTIME (no start or end date other than you have a year to complete)--they will be up and running for as long as I have people interested in taking them!

**YOU WILL KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT COPICS and HOW to COLOR if you take these classes beginning to end, I promise you that and you will have access to me for any and all questions! You will find your own techniques and preferrable way to use the copics by the end--I'm an instructor and will teach you all that I know and you will take that information and use it your own way!

**You can take this class if you are here in the US or International--you need a computer and a good internet connection and a camera. YOU DO NOT NEED to buy the stamps/images that I use!

** Once you start each class, there will be multiple videos and pdf files for you to access and use. There is no end date for the classes so you can take as long as you need to finish each session (within a 1 year term from time of enrollment).

There is a lot of info to be gleaned so I've broken it down into 5 classes plus the All About Hair Class. You can find a Class Description, Price and Supply List for each class by clicking on the CLASSROOM tab above.

**There will be optional assignments for each class, after finishing each assignment you will upload the assignment to the gallery album for each assignment and I will give you personal input on what was done ( to improve, what to try, corrections, etc.) so you will have continual and personal feedback from me while you are taking the class. All you do is upload your homework, list the copics you used and your email! THIS IS OPTIONAL--but I strongly suggest you do it to get the most out of each class!

**Each Class will be archived so that you can access it as many times as you like and print out the coordinating pdf files as well. You just need to keep your log-in and password information somewhere safe. Each Classroom is a separate site!

**PLEASE READ the USER AGREEMENT FIRST! Once you have paid you acknowledge you have read and agree to the User Agreement terms! **Classes are processed through PayPal Only! But you do NOT need a PayPal account to pay thru PayPal. When you click on the Paypal button you will see two payment options. One to pay via your Paypal account and a second option to pay via credit card (select the continue without account button).

**Class Invitations and Member Approval--once you have paid, it may take up to 24 hours to send an invite and approve you. I do this manually so I can keep track of everyone! If you do NOT receive a PayPal reciept and/or an invite within 24 hours, you can email me!


**Please do not share information on the Classroom Sites with anyone--the work, videos and resources are copyrighted by me and I appreciate if you respect me and the work I've done.

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