CMC Copic Challenge Group (or other alcohol markers)

a fun bi-monthly challenge group to test out your Copic, ProMarker, or other Alcohol Marker skills and win prizes!!  Pencil artists welcome too!

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  • Suzanne Dean

    Thank you Gabrielle :)  Love ya!

  • Darcy Schroeder

    This has been one of my favorite challenges!! Hope it comes back sometime!!  Enjoy your summer, Suzanne! I will continue to enjoy reading both of your blogs!! Hugs

  • Marie Gamber

    This has been a great place to meet and share friendship!   I will see you around......   Thank you to everyone for all your support and enthusiasm!  

    Special thank you to Suzanne for her generous willingness to share her techniques with all of us!   Everything you have taught us will continue, Suzanne!  We love you.