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Add your project pictures here that you've done with Touch Twin markers....and add them t main gallery but tag them with "Touch Twin" so they are easily searchable!

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  These have been added to the Main Gallery with the tags and additional details.      I now have a total of 13 TOUCH Markers.  I started with the Skin-Tone set that Susana sells and then used a gift certificate to add some new Pinks and Purples to add to my Copic Collection, those I purchased at MarkerPop(formerly known as iCopic).  I found their PURPLE (Violet) to my the best shade of purple I have in ALL my markers!    This first card was colored with a combination of Copics and Touch Markers!!   So far...I am very happy with them and LOVE the price too!

  The second card was also colored primarily with the TOUCH markers (the exception is the little Teddy, he was colored with Copics).  

adorable images Lisa...well done & love that paper too!

What a lovely card Lisa!!! How are you liking the new pinks they have...I am diggin'!!!

 I love the very vibrant new pinks and the purples too!   I even like the skin tones and thing they will be a great addition to my Copic Collection....from now on, this girl is a TWIN girl and savings LOTS of MONEY!!

Colored with Touch Twins BG57, G68, Y35,RP196, GY47, GY167, CG9, CG6, CG3, CG1, CG0.5 and Copic BG10

Image from SCACD "Sweetly Odd Curiosities"

Touch Twin markers, Saturated Canary digi

new project using TouchTwin markers and Saturated Canary digi image

by Maz with TouchTwin markers

Sharing some recent colour combos...

trying out some new skin colour combos and playing with those super bright fluorescent colours...


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