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I am getting ready to order my silhouette cameo and was wondering if you all had any advice for a first time user and also any good beginner projects? Tia

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Hi Tia!  When you get your mats, make sure to unstick the a bit...I patted mine on my jeans and with my hands otherwise you will never get your cardstock off it LOL.  Make sure your blade is installed correctly and isn't cutting thru your mat too.  Really any project Silhouette offers is easy to cut and master...I picked a supremely delicate basket my first time 2 years ago and was amazed at how easy it was.  But the gals here know the answers to all the questions so don't hesitate to pop over and ask or share ok?  Enjoy it...I love mine!

Thank you I am so excited!! Sorry my name is Khira I wrote that out poorly.


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