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Hello Friends!

I have a question. I am trying to become more active on a few different sites and blogs. My problem has been that I can't always recall who is hosting what. For example, there was a blog hop going on this week.. um... I can't tell you by who. I really wanted to join in on the release party and hop along, but I just can't seem to recall. I've tried writing down the names of the places I am most interested in, but that doesn't seem to work. I am wondering how you all keep track of the blogs and stamp companies you enjoy participating in and how you track their activities so you don't miss out.. any tips or advice would be great! Thanks so much!

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You're welsome, ladies.

The color coding follows the days of the week for each challenge. That way I can go check the blogs that day to see winners and update the new challenge.

Hope that helps. You can modify it to meet your needs. It has evolved over time.


I realized what the colors meant AFTER I left this comment.  LOL  Thank you again for the spreadsheet.  I even figured out how to make a hyperlink... it took a few tries but I got it.  I've never used a spreadsheet before.  

Thanks so much for sharing this Cathy.  It is so organized so makes it easy to see what you want to enter and when..

Just now getting around to reading this string and I thought I'd take a look at how you keep track of everything.  I had to laugh out loud b/c looking at your spreadsheet is like looking at mine, except yours has prettier colors.  You were WAY smarter than me too, in that you have the actual links.  GENIUS!!! I just put the website address and copy/paste each time.  Thanks so much for sharing!

LOL...great minds think alike you could say. Glad to be of help, Brook. :)

   Like many of the other gals, I also check Feline Playful for any new challenges!   I also Bookmark all my favorite group and craft sites and I have several folders of bookmarks depending on what the site it for?

   For example I have folders for each of these:

     Craft Blogs

     Craft Groups

     Craft Challenges

     Craft Stores

     Craft Classes

       and so on...


      If it's something coming up and I knew I don't want to miss out, I add it to my Google Calender and set a reminder!  Works great and I also use it for personal appointments.

      On some I note which day the challenge is etc.  

Hi Gina,

You know how you bookmark your favorite websites?  I have a folder labeled Challenges so I can click on there to choose which one I want to visit without wading through all the websites I frequent.  

Sometimes I will make a word document with the challenges I want to participate in, their end dates and a link to their site.  I can print it up to have handy even when my computer is off or just have it where I can find it on my computer so I can bring it up and click on the links to enter when my project is done.  

I still don't get to keep up with all the challenges or sites that I want to but at least I can try to keep up with the ones I want to the most.  I will often forget to follow up on the blogs that I submitted projects to so I need to remember to go back and see if I won.  lol

Hope this helps!


I think you have to pick a few favourites at first to not get overwhelmed. I have my favourite scrapbook sites book marked, and keep this to a minimum as well, then I have the challenge sites I go to in another bookmarked folder. I don't stress if I have a busy week and can't play along. I do however have a book that can go to my craft table with me so if I want to play along one week I'll write them all down and see what I manage to do. I personally like to find the challenges that are random winners, I find I'm not overly interested in the ones that seem to be "hand picked" but I also don't think professional athletes should be in the olympics either ;) some of this stuff in blogland is very professional stuff!! Fun to look at, but hard to keep up ;) at least for a girl like me. Hope some of my tips help! 

The best way for me is becoming a Follower by Blogger or email and Feline Playful is the best way to find challenges in one place.

I didn't notice this discussion before.

This blogger has the most awesome (comprehensive) list of challenges.  Scroll down to the bottom of her blog, and you will find them listed under each day of the week.

I hope you will find this useful too.


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