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Hello Friends!

I have a question. I am trying to become more active on a few different sites and blogs. My problem has been that I can't always recall who is hosting what. For example, there was a blog hop going on this week.. um... I can't tell you by who. I really wanted to join in on the release party and hop along, but I just can't seem to recall. I've tried writing down the names of the places I am most interested in, but that doesn't seem to work. I am wondering how you all keep track of the blogs and stamp companies you enjoy participating in and how you track their activities so you don't miss out.. any tips or advice would be great! Thanks so much!

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Theres currently a blog hop at teddy bo and for challenges in use
I.also have book where I write down the challenge theme of my favourite challenge blogs
H xx

Wow! what an amazing site there! Thanks!!

I use Feline Playful for every post I make. There are always challenges you can enter.

I have a notebook that I write all the challenges in

Hi, Gina.

It can be a challenge to track all these awesome events and creative blog posts. I create a favorites (bookmarks) list in a folder system on IE for my Blog Challenges and most frequent Followers list. When I follow a blog I go to blogger to catch up on all the new posts and I follow by email (Feedburner, etc.) if the blogger offers one, so I can read posts from email or link to the direct post.

I also created a spreadsheet (I'm a techie person) to keep track of all my Challenges, Rules, Themes and Hops that I participate in and you are welcome to use my format. Just make it your own. It doesn't look like I can attach a file here so if you are interested email me at and I will share it with anyone who's interested.


Cathy Lee

I do follow by email where I can as I find it easier.  I added it to my blog so others an do it too,


H xx

Thank you ladies!

I just realized that there is a way to add files. I just didn't see it before. This spreadsheet is fairly self explanitory but if something doesn't make sense leave a comment.

In summary, the first tab has a list of my favorite Challenge blogs that I participate in regularly. They are categorized by day of the week that the challenge begins, some important notes and the weeks challenge with color coding. I left a few of my entries so you can see how I track my entries and winnings. The second tab has a 2012 calendar and the third tab is all of the rules.

You can modify this to your own specifications. It just helps keep me organized.


Thank you for sharing this spread sheet. It is easy to follow and very organised. 

You're welcome, Julie. Glad I could help.

Awesome chart! Thank You!!

Cathy Lee,

Thank you so much for that spread sheet!  I love the way you have it set up and I also enjoy some of the blogs that you have on there.  

Is it color coded?  If so, what do the colors mean?  

Thanks again! 


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