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Do you use a refill color and the colorless blender mixed to make new colors?  I bought some empty markers when Suzanne told us where to go to get them on sale.  I want to make a blue that will be light but not have aqua look.  What colors do you suggest I mix?  Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Yes you use your refills and colorless blender to create custom colors---start with 8-10 drops of colorless and then add 1 drip at a time of the refill. To make a blue that is not as aqua use a refill with more gray in it (the middle number should be a 4 or above) like B95 or B24.
Thank you Suzanne. I am going to try those colors and appreciate the help.
And I'm sorry I put the wrong number above, lol---I meantB95, B34 or even B41--both make a nice grayer light blue! Stay away from the middle numbers less than 3 because they have that mint green in them like B0#, B1# or B2#
Don't worry about it. I haven't done it yet cause had to fix DH something to eat. I just appreciate knowing whick shades to use.
I would like to try some custom colors too and I'm wondering where you bought the empty markers? I'm looking for the best prices?

Thanks GIrls!
Lisa--my friend Terri sells these at her store for $3 and change--- you can email her and see if she has some left in stock but its a great price!
Thanks Suzanne = I will email her and see what she can come up with! THANX!
Do you have to use an empty marker or can you use a colorless blender that has ink in it already? Or, if it has to be empty is there a way to empty some of the colorless blender ink but keeping it for the future?

OK.  Say I got brave enough to try this.  Am I doing this mix in the empty marker?  What if I am bonkers over the color - how do I create a larger amount and what do I store it in?


Are there any Copic mix them yourself recipes around?


Do you mix in an empty refill bottle or an empty marker?
I did mine in an empty marker.  I never thought far enough ahead to deal with extra but I would find a small prescription bottle or a small container to mix it in if you want to make extra.  I will probably do that next time I refill the marker.

Prescription bottles, at my age, I have.  Think I will try that for mixing and an eyedropper for dripping onto the nib of the empty marker to fill it.


Thanks all.



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