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I bought my very first of Copic markers recently, but to be honest I didn't know what I was buying, so I started with a 36 pc CIAO-A. Now, which is the difference from what I purchased and the so named "sketch markers" me they all look the same.
Sketch and Ciao markers use the exact same ink--there is no difference in what they do or the tips that they have. The Ciao's hold less ink in their barrel and are rounder so they can roll around--the sketch are more square-oval shaped. I like the sketch because they have the color name & number on the end caps which makes it easier for me to pull out what I need, but some people that have the Ciao's put small stickers on the ends with the numbers. In the end they both perform the same exact way so your coloring will not change!!
So I should continue to make my collection of the same....what do you think?
You can mix and match Sketch & Ciao's--I have a few Ciao's in my collection as well. The only thing is that the Ciao's do not come in all the colors so eventually you will have to buy sketch markers to complete your collection.
When I color with certain colors they seem to crystalize on the paper. After changing nibs and even buying new markers I found a way to correct this. Not only was it crystalizing on my paper it was also on my tips and caps. I cleaned my caps and my nibs with blender solution and then let them sit overnight. Wow, what a difference. Not sure if this is a correct solution but it worked. Has anyone else ran into this and if so what have you done to correct the issue?
You can clean your caps with rubbing alcohol and thus save the pricier blending solution for other uses.
This is due to the coating on the paper you are using---the tips can get sticky & the copic ink will react to the coating on the paper and can cause this to happen. And yes you can clean the tips of your markers with Colorless Blender or Rubbing Alcohol. REMEMBER to dip your marker quickly and turn to the side (horizontally) and wipe off the tip when cleaning, you don't want to dump your good $$ copic ink into the alcohol and waste it.

Hi Suzanne, So what you are saying is you can clean off the tips without taking them out of the copic marker? That is good to know about the rubbing alcohol did not know this before.

This group is the first place I've heard of cryogen paper. Where do you get it? I'm still looking for something I like & I'd like to try some.
I love the Cryogen---it comes in plain Cryogen White / Cryogen Irridescent (my personal favorite) because it has very subtle sparkles that show thru but not super glitzy. I use it for all my copic coloring now. The Paper Temptress HERE has it and you can order just a few sample sheets to try first from her--the owner is Patricia and she is a sweetie!!
I am interested in buying copics but when I tried at the CK Convention in Houston at the Vendor Faire, the only place that sold it did not know anything about it. So I guess my question is, where is a good place to buy Copics and what should I start with? I would love to eventually buy all of them, buy economics means I need to start small. Also, what is a reasonable price to pay? Thanks for any help with this.
Hi Stephenie and welcome! I have a Copic Starter List in the RESOURCE section of this site (up top of this site in the tabs)-its a pdf file that lists good colors and sets to start out with so you get colors that work together for each color family. You can print it off and that will get you started. The markers can run anywhere from $3.25 to $5 so you need to check around different sites, stores and online stores (check the Copic Deal Discussion on the group too to see great deals)! The Resource section has other good tips and sites for you too that you might want to check out!

If you have other specific questions just ask--I or some of the other ladies will always have an answer for ya!


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