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I have a chance to get a super deal on an air compressor to do Copic airbrushing with. It is between a Paashe D500 and an Iwata Smart Jet Studio air compressor. Does anyone have any experience using either of these machine with Copic Markers?

Thanks for your input.


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I have the Sparmax Windstorm Air Compressor and love it.

I wish that was an option for me, but it is not. The store I have a discount coupon and a gift card at doesn't carry it. :(

Ohh. I do love the compressor. It is so much better than the cans. Enjoy your new purchase, once you decide.

I am not familiar with the names you mentioned, but I can tell you that several of us, have opted to save money and bought THIS compressorfrom Harbor Freight.  I've had mine for close to two years and it works perfectly.  It's super easy to use out of the box and the price is FAR less than the Sparmax.

Mine is a slightly older model and is silver, but other than that, there is not anything different.   GOOD LUCK!!

I ended up getting the Iwata Smart Jet Studio air compressor (which I like very much), but thank you for your input Lisa. I have a friend that wants a new air compressor also. The Harbor Freight one does every thing that mine does at half the price of what she can get the Iwata one for with the 40% off coupon. Plus the Harbor Freight one is blue instead of black. It is good to know that it comes with a good recommendation. I have passed the information onto her.

Thanks again.

I bought an inexpensive one that Suzanne recommended from Harbor Freight and its awesome! It's actually nice and quiet and applies the color nice and even.  It was 69 bucks.  Central pneumatic oilless airbrush compressor.  Don't go nuts with the expensive ones.  If you read the customer reviews on them they sound aweful. It's almost as if they're not made to last longer than about 6 months.


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