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Got a fave book or currently reading a great book and want to share?  Post what you are reading below for us all to see!

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Historical fiction buffs might enjoy "Lady of the Butterflies". I could've done with a little less bodice ripper stuff (just me), but the story itself had a lot of facets and I really enjoyed it.
I also read "Sara's Key" and thought it was really good.  I am now reading "My Name is Memory" because it was recommended to me but I'll not recommend it.  It is an OK read, something to pass the time.  I'm looking forward to reading "The Language of Flowers" though.
I just finished two good books (please keep in mind that I judge the quality of a book by whether it evokes emotion ... am I crying?) One was How to Be An American Housewife by Margaret Dillaway.  It's about a Japanese woman who comes to America with her Navy husband.  It's interesting to see American culture from another view.  The second was Sarah's Key .... sad, but VERY good.
Oh I know, Sarah's Key is one of my all time favs.  I was so hoping it would be picked as one of our books for the book club.  I did not want to put it down....and it stayed with me for awhile after I read it.  I so hope the movie will do it justice.  I will have to read How to be An American Housewife.  I love checking out all the books everyone recommends.  Happy Reading everyone.....

I would like to recommend Desert Flower by Waris Dirie.

I'm in a sci-fi/mystical phase.  My favorite books, lately, are vampire novels/series.  I just finished up the House of Night series and the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I'm currently finishing up the Vampire Diaries series.  Anyone else into vampires?  :-)  I am a serious Twilighter.

Try Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  Good Read.

I just finished Beach House Memories - loved it!!  Now I am into A Discovery of Witches and I can not put it down; I'm stirring the soup while I read, trying to fold laundry while reading, etc  I'm a person who reads magazines from the back cover to the front cover and I usually read the last few pages of a book before I begin reading, however, not this time.  I am determined to be surprised.  I am going to order the next book so I won't have to wait too long.  Love your list of books!  Thanks

Ooooh, I loved a Discovery of Witches (book 2 is out too).  Enjoy every yummy sentence!


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