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Mixed Media Projects for Art Journaling


Mixed Media Projects for Art Journaling

Want to join the Art Journaling craze?  What the heck is an art journal anyway?  The easy answer is - it is anything you want it to be all wrapped up in a book!  So that’s where you start.  You need a book.  What kind of book?  There are so many options!  Head to your local craft store and check out the art supply section.  There you will find lots of options in the art pad section including mixed media pads.  some are ring bound like the one I use, some are not.  Some have heavier, sturdier paper than others - sturdy is better.  Look online and there are probably even more!  Don’t get hung up on this part.  Just grab one and go.  You will get the feel for what you like or don’t like as you go but it won’t be a waste.  If you are here in class this whole thing interests you and you will fill that book and more no matter which direction you go!  The Mixed Media one I use has a blue cover I believe and I think it has a couple different sizes.

We are going to get right down to business in this class and I am going to assume you have some basic knowledge of Mixed Media products and techniques so I won’t go through all of the products here.  If you get confused or have questions don’t hesitate to post in the group!

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