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Got some coloring questions that need answering---leave a question here & I'll get to you as soon as I can!!

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Hi, just now saw your reply. I used B21 on shirt. Which I need to add other colors to get 3D. On the skirt I used B99 which is ok but not sure what to use for 3D. Her roll bag C9 was to dark and C5 was to light so I gave up. But I would love very much to get it right to make thank you cards to hand out to others flight attendants I fly with. Thx for your help your the GREATEST! Tammy
I know your a busy girl but thought I would resend this message to see if you may have come up with some suggestions. If not dont worry.... I will keep trying. Thx, Tammy
Oh yes I'm so sorry Tammy!  For navy blues you could try a few different combos--If you use B21, then B24 and B28 will work well.  For a more traditional navy color use B37,B34,B32,B41 in that order.

Hi Suzanne. I was curious on how big do you print your digi images?  Especially those used in the classes.


Hmmmm good question Charmaine LOL!  I usually keep them under 2.5 - 3 inches depending on the type of stamp it is.  I'm a cardmaker so I don't like them to be too big KWIM.

Thanks Suzanne. 

Hey Suzanne, sorry to here you've been fighting the bug.  So have I and it has not been fun.  My question is:  what causes the ink to be tacky and shiny?  I've been practicing on xpress it paper.  Thanks for your help.


Thanks Charmaine--I'm feeling better just really tired but I'll be  ok.  That can happen sometimes with the darker colors--touch your nibs with your fingers and then touch your fingers together.  If they feel sticky then your nibs should be cleaned.  Dip them in rubbing alcohol or wipe them with first aid/alcohol wipes (NOT baby wipes).  Something in the darker Copic ink colors can cause that after awhile.

Thanks, I will give this a try.  I use my E copics alot and these seem to give me the most problems with tackiness.

Hi Suzanne, I am having some issues with blending which is driving me crazy!  I have coloured my image's skin and it has worked out great; it has blended nicley into the paper (x-press it)  and I have a mat finish.  I moved onto her blue dress (B000, B02, B05) and it looks crap.  The colors aren't blending, it is shiny and sticky as if the ink is sitting on top of the paper.  There is some colour on the underside of the paper, implying that some ink is sinking into the paper.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a "correct" side of the paper and I'm using the wrong side (though I think this issue would occur with the skin if it were)?  Any help would be appreciated.  Fiona.  Never mind, I just found a post that answers the question!

LOL---did you find an answer Fiona?  Sounds like maybe your blue markers need to be cleaned.  Dip them in rubbing alcohol or use pure alcohol wipes to wipe them off well.  And the Copic Xpress can get a build up of color because the ink stays wet longer than other papers so you have to slooow your blending down a bit & use very little ink (light hand).  Let me know if that helps any ok!!

The cleaning did work thanks.  Rather embaressing; I searched for the topic, found nothing, so made a post.  The message uploads and I notice the post before mine was the exact same question!  Guess my search parametres weren't the best.  Thanks for responding though.


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