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Got some coloring questions that need answering---leave a question here & I'll get to you as soon as I can!!

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Hi El! Sorry I'm just seeing this--sometimes NiNG doesn't always alert me to new comments in the discussions, arghh! White blonde hair is pretty darn hard but I'd say Y11,Y00 and the blender pen and maybe add a bit of brown or cream to tone it down like E53 or E51. HTH
What do you do if your marker tips get sticky and why do they?
Usually they get sticky due to the paper you are using.  If you are using a paper that has a coating on it, the coating can cause the tips to get sticky after a while.  You can clean the tips with colorless blender or rubbing alcohol.  Wipe them off quickly after doing so.  After a while you will have to replace the tips though.

That worked, I tried a different paper, and yuk Stampin up paper is no good with copic markers


thank you thankyou

Colouring a fence

I have the fence stamp from art impressions the front and back series, and for the life of me, I can't get the colouring right, the boards of the fence are tightly together, and theres not not much wood grain.  I have tried thress times- not sure where to put each colour and the highlights--Help


Hi, Not sure if I am osting this in the right spot


Here is the stamp i was talking about, the fence stamp.


I feel for you with the cold and the aches and pains and blues,




Thanks for that---yes you want to color each board separately with the same light source--this will make it dimensional.  Make sure to shadow under the boards that are horizontal and in the cracks.

I sure don't enjoy the cold that's for sure--with my MS it is just painful most days, I walk around wrapped in a heat blanket, LOL (quite a site)

thanks I will try that,


I am also going to try your beachy music, I have 3 light thearphy bulbs in my room, my husband has to wear sunglasses-lol,

that is a great fence stamp.

Hi Suzanne

I have a question on the copic airbrush system,   You said at our class in Port Colbourne, that you can use the ciao with system,  do you just have to put a piece of putty or tack it under the marker???,  I ordered the ABs-2 system from, and some larger cans of air, when I got it, the instructions said you can not use the 180 cans without the air adapter and the hose.  Their site does not say that--so I don't know if I am scre*#!d.  Do you have any ideas, can I use the large can.  You have so much more insight and knowledge then me. 

The advice on the fence really helped. 


thanks Laura 

Hi Laura!  I have never used the ABS with Ciao's but lots of people do--you can google to see how they adjust it to fit the Ciao's and someone did a YouTube video on it as well.  I believe they used plumbers putty for it.


Yes ABS2 only uses that particular can of air as the other ones need the adapter--they are made differently.  You need the hose for the other cans and for the compressor.  You could try it but what I believe will happen is it will freeze super fast so you will only get 1 or 2 sprays and they may be splotchy.  Cindy of stampingscrapping is a good friend of mine--email her and see if she'll take back the large air cans you bought for a refund.  Let her know I helped you and let you know how the system works.


The reason I suggest going with ABS1 in my classes is because it gives you all the parts at once so if you decide you want to use the compressor or want bigger cans of air you can do either easily. I know that the ABS1 is usually twice as much but sometimes you can find it around $50.

Sorry about that---it can be confusing I know.  Why on earth Copic made so many different size cans and different kits I'll never know, LOL.

Thanks, I will email her and hopefuuly she can help me out


take care Laura


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