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Got some coloring questions that need answering---leave a question here & I'll get to you as soon as I can!!

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This is great to know~I had ordered some from PaperTemptress & still waiting for it to arrive. I would have to say their shipping was not the fastest. Thanx for the tip, I am looking forward to coloring on some GOOD paper!
The reason its taking longer for the Xpress to ship from retailers is because it sold out everywhere--the distributors just got it back in stock and is shipping to retailers now. So it should be soon :) The Xpress is nice but sometimes it's too thin for blending and can cause bleeding, esp with darker colors.
Hi Suzanne!
I actually ordered the Cryogen from PaperTemptress~~it's on the way, and perhaps it was because I was a first time customer, but they seem to take awhile to ship~~I'm s-o-o-o-o-o looking forward to being able to BLEND on something! I was using GK, and that was NG-Not good, LOL!
You will love it when it arrives! And don't be discouraged the owner Patricia is fabulous, but she was bit by a poisonous spider and I know that has had her down and out and she's playing catch up now. Enjoy it!
Yikes, OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Suzanne, how do I get those light bits when colouring hair, etc. What I usually do is leave the bits clear and once the rest of my hair is coloured I go over it with my lightest colour, but I like that almost white sheen. How would one go about doing that? Hope this makes sense. Thanks, Sharon
You can still color over with your lightest color but do it in lines very thinly so that you leave very thin lines of white within OR you can use your Colorless Blender to come back and lightly streak the color away as well!
I really have a problem with getting soft colors. Sometimes I start that was and want to make a card only make it with soft shades but I also end up with bright bold colors. How do I keep it soft????
Use the lightest colors that you can---even if one of the lighter colors is much lighter than you think you should go for the color you want. You can layer that color over itself multiple times to make it darker--remember each time you layer a color over itself you change it by 1 shade. So pick out B01 & B000 and use those two even if you want your shaded parts to be closer to B02 or B04---this way YOU control the darkness by overlaying color and you can keep adding until you are happy. If you put the darkest color down that you wanted B04 then it's easy to overblend and make it all dark. Also utilize the Colorless Blender and make it more of a blender by picking up color with it and lightly blending it on.
Hi Suzanne. Thank you for the LI classes. I really had a great time and learned a lot. I had printed out your "color combos" but now am a bit confused once I returned home and was working on color combos. Several times in class you mention how the X00's work with all combos except for the B00 as a light and also mentioned for a few color families how you can pull together 5 colors and have 2 sets of light/medium/dark out of the 5. Do you have a posting that shows the combos of 5 and the color families where the X00's blend well with everything? For example...your E combos on Scrap bitz do not combine the E50 with the E30's...and I'm pretty sure that is one you mentioned as a set of 5. Also...RV32/ there a 3rd that will pair with these? RV00?
Hi Deb! Try downloading the Starter List (click on RESOURCES tab above) and that gives you more colors that work together in sets of 3 to 5.

You cannot ALWAYS have 5 colors but for most of them there is--I don't always list them on the lists as full sets. RV00 or RV10 works with some of the RV's--that color family is the trickiest to work with because the colors don't work well with each other like some of the other color families. The G00's will not work with most of the greens--they work with only the top of the chart greens (the minty ones G02 thru like G12). But the rest of the 00's are good to have with the other color families.

The E's that we work with in class were varied because I wanted to show how for hair and wood you can mix & match your E's. So E50 will work with E31 or E33 or E35 on hair and wood but not necessarily for a brown pair of pants. You would have to keep them closer in tone like E31,E33,E35,E37. Also for hair you can bring in some of the Y's & YR's (YR20,YR23,Y21). Hair and nature objects you can really jump around the color chart more.

If you need more specific help on color bundles, just email me and I can give you some good suggestions to round out your collection!

What colors would you use for "white/blond" hair and strawberry blond hair?


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