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Got some coloring questions that need answering---leave a question here & I'll get to you as soon as I can!!

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Hi Suzanne!  Do you have any suggestions for coloring on craft paper colored stock?  I have seen some cards lately that are really cute....but they are colored on craft stock type paper, instead of white.  At first, I thoguht the image was cut out and adhered onto the craft, but it wasn't.  I am intrigued ..but I have no idea where to start.  Any suggestions????



Yep and I actually teach it in one of my classes here...Class 4 I think? LOL!  Its really easy to do but you have to choose bolder colors..the lighter colors just wet the cs but the color doesn't transfer well KWIM.

Also kraft is pretty porous so it does suck your ink quickly so be light-handed.  It gives a softer, more vintage look to everything.  And then using white chalk or a white Sharpie you can add bright white highlites and doodles & such that look awesome on kraft.  HTH!

Yes, it does help!  If you were coloring something white, like a snowman, what would your recommendation be...chalk?  white sharpie?  something else?

I loved the classes in CT.  I need to find time to take the classes online!!!!!  :)

You could use chalks...I just got back into using the NeoColor pastels and will be doing a card on kraft with them soon :)  Maybe i should video it hmmm? We will see LOL!

Suzanne, what brand of kraft paper do you use?

I have 2---Gina K and  Paper Trey Ink....I mix it all together LOL so I'm not sure what I use when, they are very similar but I love them both and they work well and nice weight for coloring.

what kind of paper do i need to buy for coloring??  I dont have any white so i thought i would check first and buy what i need??  thanks!!!  

I highly recommend the Cryogen Iridescent that you can buy at Paper Temptress...let her know you are a student here to receive up to 15% off ok?  Second fave of mine is Copic Xpress It paper but its thinner and harder to learn on at first.

so i was looking through the questions here and right above my question was an answer about paper and u put u like the gina k and paper trey i ordered some white cardstock 110lbs from papertrey...i hope that is a good cardstock....

That was for the kraft paper someone had asked what brand I used...but for coloring I use the two I just put up. The Papertrey is ok but its got more tooth and will be a bit harder to blend but its doable.

hi suzanne i'm a beginner beginner. just got my first 3 pens. and the brush end is aaaaaaaaaah . how do you get that end to do as its told. lol. i'm from New Zealand and this is just taking off over here. so no experts yet. trying to watch you on you tube and then i sit down to try and do the flick flick thing and oh you make it look sooo easy and its sooooo hard. any help would be good please. i've ordered 27 sketch markers. i hope i got the right ones. coming. trying to practise what i can with the 3 i have. any help i would love thanks


New to copics and colouring also not an artist, so I have been watching your youtube videos and thank you so much for sharing that information freely, hence my joining here. 

My issues are probably common, affording to buy the copics I want, blending - though thanks to your help I am getting better slowly, but most of all light source and how to work out where or when is light / dark / reflected light etc any recommendations on techniques or methods ( graph? overlay?) that might help me work out where to try for the highlighted areas.  Hope I am being clear - too much pollen matched with a bad cold is muddying my ability to write clear English




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