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Got some coloring questions that need answering---leave a question here & I'll get to you as soon as I can!!

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Hi Suzanne, I'm still having problems with leaves. I can't seem to find the light source so I know where it should be darker as the leaves turn. HELP if you can Rebecca
Rebecca---if you have some leaves outside that you can look at or bring in it might help. Where the leaf bumps up the most (usually in the center areas) that is the lightest and it gets darker on each side of the leaf as it travels down.
Suzanne, what are the best colors for black hair????
c9 thru c3---keep most of the coloring dark with the darker tones, you don't want gray hair :)
Hi Suzanne. You make the blending and shading prrcess look so easy. I have original markers but ordered brush tips for them. it appears as if the brush tip needs to be inserted into the large end rather than the fine tip. I hope that is correct. When you refill, you drop the ink onto the broad tip. Do I drop it on the brush since I replaced the broad tip?
Hi Marie! Yes the original markers you have to replace the broad tip with the brush tip--a little different then the sketch markers, and yes you would drip your refill ink onto the brush tip. I wouldn't suggest pulling the brush tip out very often as you can stretch it out and it becomes unmanageable. HTH!
Hi Suzanne, Sorry I missed tonight but I have been pretty sick, Allergies!!!! Questions When you finish off a image and they add BG10 or another color to give the image some shadows. How do you blend that off into a nice soft color. I see so many cards now that people are doing that and it looks so nice. Do you do a tutorial on how to do that???
Hi Patricia! Sorry & hope you feel better soon! My allergies are horrible too--I'm terribly allergic to ragweed which is tragically high right now--blech!
Anywho, yes you can trace or give your image a shadow with BG10 or B00 then you can blend out the edges with your colorless blender so they fade into the white or use a much lighter color to fade it like BG0000 or B0000. HTH!
thank you. It looks so nice when they do that.
Do you have any hints on shadowing? I know there should be a light source, darker on one side? But use a grey sometimes right? Help
Do you mean a shadow outside or around the image? Yes you can use the grays or the light blues to create shadows behind, under or around the image---it will help ground the image to the background. You can also shade over your coloring with grays (I use W1 or W3) to darken my shadowed areas on my image up. HTH!
Hi I am from Australia, and I never realized what a difference paper and ink made until I tried Xpress- it paper and memento tuxedo black ink...I know these are brand names but o gee they do give a crisp image and color bleeding and it seems as though the ink sits on the paper a little longer and brighter, now my pictures look professional and thanks to you Suzanne as well ...thanks Bronlyn


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