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Looking for some class ideas?  What kind of classes or other crafts would you like to see here?  I'd love to have some feedback!!

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I would like to get information on signing up for Copic Classes? and how to sign up for it the cost ? And do you use PayPal? And do you offer seek peeks of the classes, 

HI Kim---

If you hover your mouse over the Class info/Description Tab at top of site you can click on each class to see a full description of what each video/class offers (if you are using an Ipad you cannot get the drop-down menu to come down to see each class as Apple does not offer the hover feature for Ipads or Iphones).  Class 5 offers a sneak peek photo of some of the techniques too.  Also check out the gallery here to see some of the students work to see what they are doing/accomplishing!

If you take all 4 classes you get $25 off the total of the classes, take all 5 classes and get $30 off the total. If you decide to take multiple classes email me for a special invoice with that discount deducted ok.  If you are just buying 1 or 2 classes then you can use the payment button in each class description/tab above.   Yes I use PayPal or you can arrange to send me a money order if that works better.

You get 1 full year to access the classes anytime you'd like as much as you'd like....its all done at your own pace.  If you buy multiple classes you are not required to sign into each class right away...hold onto them until you are ready because once you sign into a class your 1 year term starts.

Along with videos there are pdfs that you can print out and other resources...optional homework can be done for added feedback/help from me.  And I'm available by email anytime at   You are not required to use the same images/stamps that I do...use what you have that is similar ok.

Just let me know if you need any other help ok!

Suzanne J Dean

Hi my name is kim McCullough and I love your website 
But I'm a little confused about how to sign up for classes I would 
Really like to know how please

Hi Kim--

What classes were you interested in?  If you hover over the Class Info/Pricing tab at top of site a drop-down menu will appear listing the classes, then click on each to read a description/info and to register.  If you are using an Iphone or Ipad the "hover" function will not work so the drop down menu will not appear.  Every other function and all the class videos are fully functional/available with all Apple products though if that is a concern.  Email me if you have any questions ok at and I will be happy to help you any way that I can!

I would love to see a class that shows you how to take the images and turn them into something more. From Start to finish. Stamped, Colored, and turned into a card.

that is something I may be working on this summer....we shall see LOL!  I might have a couple guests do some too!

That would be awesome! I am for the life of me having a hard time turning my images into something once colored.

I will be looking forward to this:)

I love my Copic markers and so I'm thinking about taking the Copic classes that you offer. But I'm curious why after I purchase the class that I only have access to it for 1 year? I have taken online classes before (offered by other people) and I have access to them always, with no time limit. So, I'm just wondering about this restriction.


Hi Georgene--

Each online classroom has their own rules and restrictions--when I started this classroom 2.5 years ago most online classes were available for only 3 weeks.  Most people easily finish a class in a year and work at it within that time...if not you can always extend it or buy a DVD and have it for life.  If you purchase classes as a bundle you don't start a class until you are ready, so if you buy 3 classes you don't have to start each at once...start when you are ready so you get a full year in each.

Hi Suzanne, I like Copic with Prisma Pencils class as well, just haven't done them together I would like a class, your classes on or off site are the BOMB also Shinhan's Twin Touch class. I joined Copic class1 and 5. and  love it.



Aww thanks so much, I appreciate it!  Yes you can use Copics with Prisma or Derwent pencils...I show a bit of that in Class 2 I believe.  I haven't done a full class incorporating that but perhaps a video that is free for everyone could be in the works...once I finish the Hair Class that is LOL!  If you are playing around and want to try it remember to color with your markers FIRST then add the pencil over it, never add Copic over the pencil ok.

Hey Suzanne! This is a real simple request for this tutorial but finding the contents has me puzzled. I would love to have the TINY 3"x3"x3" tissue box cover ....but I can't find any of those tiny kleenex boxes! I bought one already made from Barb Hardiman and asked her where to find them... Then lost the letter. I know it's a small thing but that may be just what some people might be needing... Something quick and easy! Of course TILDA would have. to be on all sides for me !

Thanks for your time!
God Bless!
Kath ( obviously not at the beach) but praying for all families who are in the midst of ISACC!


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