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Looking for some class ideas?  What kind of classes or other crafts would you like to see here?  I'd love to have some feedback!!

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Sorry maybe that was me confused and tired sending wrong stuff, LOL---so I just sent it from Class 1. Let me know---thanks!
Suzanne maybe it's me I'm in the video 1 class and it won't open, LOL, I'll get it sooner or later it should open even on the iPad.


Hi Suzanne,


I signed up, I believe last Summer to take two on-line courses, the beginner and Copics 1.  Unfortunately health and life got in the way and I didn't take the courses.  Now, I'm ready again and being computer challenged, I haven't been able to find my way to the sign in place in the Color Me Creative Classroom.  I'm also probably using the inappropriate place to ask my personal questions, but I really don't know what else to do.  I also realize that you are on vacation.  Hopefully, at some point, you will see this e-mail.  I'm pretty sure my classes haven't expired yet because I haven't had an e-mail from you telling me they are.  If I am close to expiration, I do want to do the extension option.   Please tell me how I can access the classroom and I promise I will take better care to document all the things I need to in the future.  Thanks so very much in advance.  Judi Farr

Hey Judi--I just got your email, NING is sending my alerts from here to my Spam folder for some dumb reason-arghh!  But I just emailed ya! thanks---Suzanne
Lately I have been seeing more blogs where a combo of Copics and Prisma pencils are used.  I'd love to see/learn/have a class on doing this!  I adore my Copics, but I still love my Prisma's and would like to use them together properly.
Suzanne I just purchased prism pencils will you be having any classes on them in the future?
Hi Barbara---I actually have 2 fabulous classes here at CMC on Prisma Pencils taught by Marti Wills.  Same video based/pdf concept and you get a year in each class when you register---see them in the Class info tab at top of site!

Hi Suzanne!

I signed up for the copic class # 1 but have not received information on how to access this class. I am sure I am just looking in the wrong place - can you help?

Terri Blankenship

Hi Terri---I just sent you an email and yes I did send the invite, but I'm going to go resend it again now to you. Please let me know if the invite still does not come thru to your email ok.  Thanks!

I would love an Art Journaling class.  I am doing a "Smash" journal and would love to incorporate more markers/pencils/stamping/coloring.  Or, if a class isn't in the cards, maybe a "journaling group" where we can share journaling prompts and/or showcase our pages.  Would anyone else be interested in something like this?

Hmmmm that's a great idea Stephanie!  Maybe I can start a Journal Group here on the classroom---what do you think.  A place to share ideas, thoughts & projects?   I have a Smash Book as well I want to put together for my travels & that might be a good way to get my butt going on it LOL.  I will set up the group after the New Year ok---it will be free of course & open to everyone :) 

Yes, Yes, Yes!!


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