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I am hoping someone on this site can help me with intricate cuts using my Cameo. I have spent countless hours and several pieces of paper trying to cut an intricate frame with no luck. I have followed all the tips, different settings, new mat, new blade, slow speed, medium speed...has anyone else had difficulty with this? One of the reasons I chose the Cameo was a seeing is believing method. I saw so many beautiful, intricate cuts with brilliant results and so I had to upgrade from my Cricut because of them. I even bought the design in question directly from the Studio online store. Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Jan , my only idea is what brand of cardstock or paper are you using? 

I had massive problems with some cheap black cardstock. Some CS works better than others .  PaperTemptress has some great paper and CS . I also have had good luck with Gina K CS.

 SU cardstock is a bit "iffy " depending on the color. Some colors are more fiberous than others. I think there is a thread on the main Cameo site  where people discussed  various  CS and papers and suggested brands that they have had good luck with using in a Cameo

Hope this helps



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