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Hi there. I just joined this site yesterday and my reason for joining was to be able to take the classes. Tonight I have paid for Copic Class #1 via PayPal but have received no further instructions as to how to access the class. I've looked through the other postings here and no one seems to be able to answer this question. It's not under groups as someone had suggested. I'm really looking forward to this class and I even ordered the required markers so I hope I'm not out of $42 for the class. I realize it may take some time for the payment to process and be granted access to the class, but I still don't see where I would access it.

Thanks in advance.

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Okay, I'm going to answer my own question so that if anyone else is new like me you wont get discouraged. You will receive an email from Suzanne inviting you to join the class. You have to accept the invite. It is to a separate ning group. Once you accept you will get a message saying that your membership is pending approval and I'm pretty sure Suzanne approves it and then you will be in the class. So the other information posted about the classes being in the groups section is incorrect, at least for these beginning classes.

I paid for the Copic Class #1. Apparently I still have to be approved. Even though I had looked forward to doing some of the class today. I don't understand.


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