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Hi there , I am new to this.  I have am trying to create my own digi stamps.  I have been at all day today trying to figure it out.  I have my .jpg and import it to the Cameo and go through the process of tracing and the trace is odd.  I try various times tracing and each time the trace is different.  I also want to create a cut between her legs but have not been able to succesfully get it with a border.  Does anyone know how to do this or know of a video in creating your own digi stamps and make them a cut?

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paper pulse is a blog that has alot of tutorials and free cutting files.  Her name is Debbie H and you can find the tutorials on you tube.  Hope this helps. 

HI there

Sorry not familiar with the Cameo software but does it have the ability to draw lines?  In which case I would get the best trace you can, then draw in the extra lines and weld ( join them together) once you have all the lines you want. 

Or are you familiar with Inkscape ?    This vector programme certainly has the ability to trace and to create and join new sections together.  If you want to attach the file or pm me I can help trace it out for you

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