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hello everyone!


i am prepping classes for the ccricut and i am curious - i have FOUR nearby neighbors with cricuts still in the boxes - how many of the folks here still have a cricut in it's box and why?  i am hoping to help everyone get their money's worth!!!!



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I would love to take this class but I don't have this cartridge, of course of the many that I do have this would be the one!!! :-( I so wanted to take a class too ............

Annette - If you like to shop on eBay, there are some great deals to be found and I was lucky enough to win my Pagoda for under $30!

Even if you don't have your cartridge for another week or so, I'm sure you will easily be able to catch up!! :)

I hope to see you!!

PS: I checked quickly and you can BUY IT NOW (HERE) for $35.99 with Free Shipping! And there are many more to bid for that you could win for even less!
oh there will be more if there is an interest!

I broke down today and bought the cart at Micheal's, they had all the carts on sale for 69.99. I didn't see your message until now, but with the exchange (and shipping to Canada, it's never free here) it probably would have worked out the same :-) Looks like I will be able to join as long as I can get my wedding cake prep (flowers and gumpaste toppers) done and out of the way. I'll have to go back and check on all the info, I have forgotten the details already :-) poor brain is getting old ................. LOL

Thanks again for the information Lisa :-)
Oh, what is the time line for this class it doesn't say in the user agreement, only has info for the copics class, which is one year. I really want to sign up for this class but if the time line is too short then it won't be possible. I guess I should have asked that question before I went out and bought the cartridge :-)

you have the same one year time frame!
Wow, that's fantastic news! Not that it's going to take me a year, but at least it's not due in 2 weeks :-) See you as soon as I am done this cake!!



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