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hello everyone!


i am prepping classes for the ccricut and i am curious - i have FOUR nearby neighbors with cricuts still in the boxes - how many of the folks here still have a cricut in it's box and why?  i am hoping to help everyone get their money's worth!!!!



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I bought my Cricut in November and I have made maybe 6 cards and 8 boxes with it, that's about it. I think I have 14 cartridges for it now, but haven't gotten motivated to use it for anything really, yet when I saw it I really wanted it! It's not that I don't want it' it's that I don't know how to use it. I've even bought different software to try and make it better but that didn't work, and I've tried that twice.

i recommend you go onto U-Tube annette, there are some really good instructional videos on there. also the old addage applies...practice, practice, practice. i found the more i used it, the more i learnt. also i used it more since i made space for it on my craft table so that it was accessible. hope this helps.
I had mine for over a year until I discovered You Tube and the gals like SJD who teach you how to do things... I don't think I would have used it yet if it were not for You Tube. There are also DVD's now that teach you...Cricut A-Z etc. Pam
my cricut is taking pride of place on my craft table. i didnt use it much at the start, fear of the unknown i suppose, but i have found i use it so much more since i bought the gypsy. good luck with the classes
Thank you so much for your comments they really make me feel better, I guess I'm not alone. I'll go have a look on YouTube and see what I come up with :-) thanks again,

take care,
Hi Paper Lovers!
I would love to know about your classes. Im always using my Cricut! I love it. I make cards and have a blog that I share them on :) I find that the Cricut very easy to use right from the get go. I love all the carts, I have about 35 now and it keeps growing even though I keep saying I dont need anymore right now, ProvoCraft comes out with another cute cart that I have to have LOL!
Pls let me know about your classes, I love to learn all I can about the Cricut.
Have a wonderful week.
I'm not as proficient as I would like to be. Have had the original Cricut and recently bought the larger Expression as well as the Gypsy. I need that push to get going, have several carts. Where to start?????????????
I am looking forward to your class, so lets get going please please.
I think everyone that buys a cricut should take at least one class. The machine can be quite intimidating, especially if you have never sewed or used machinery. Most people learn better and faster with on hands experience. The many many videos on utube can really be helpful, because you can go back to them as many times as you need. I love my cricut!!
I confess I am one of those. I still gave the cuttlebug and the big shot in the box, never been opened.
That is a real shame, you are missing out on some really wonderful techniques. These tools really help take your crafting to another level. Try UTube videos or Stamp TV they have great video also. Just try, you can't break them.
ok ladies i have two more classes up for pre-registration! one goes over all of the functions/buttons on your expression. the other one focuses on the Pagoda Cartridge and really delves into all of the Creative Features as well as shows you some card making tips, and how to do some great home decor items including a few using vinyl!! if you sign up before the 20th you get $5 off!

here is a picture of the projects we will be doing in the Pagoda class here on CMC! what do y'all think?


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